COVID-19 Mobility Data Network- User Evaluation

The COVID-19 Mobility Data Network CMDN - User Feedback Project gained a more in-depth understanding of how researchers and practitioners used, shared, and communicated mobility data with public health and policy decision-makers all over the world.

Three case studies (United States, Thailand, and Chile) show how data teams created dashboards for policy makers, navigated responsible data sharing challenges, and worked directly with national ministers to provide evidence for policy planning.

  1. Supporting the Government Response to COVID-19 Using Facebook Mobility Data: Chile as a Case Study

  2. Digital Mobility, Physical Distancing, and COVID-19 in Syracuse

  3. COVID-19 Mobility Data in Southeast Asia - Responsible Data Challenges

Over 70 individuals from teams all over the world were contacted and interviewed. Six thematic briefs listed below detail the revealing insights about the power of collaborative networks, opportunities and challenges of co-designing how best to align purpose and reveal meaning from mobility data. The briefs also highlight the importance of data translators, dynamic iterative conversations and the process of transforming data to practice.

  1. An Overview of the Network

  2. Envisioning Use of Mobility Data in Practice (Part 1- Data doesn’t always equate to purpose and meaning)

  3. Envisioning Use of Mobility Data in Practice (Part 2- Moving from purpose to meaning with COVID-19 mobility data)

  4. The Crucial Role of Data Translators throughout the Network

  5. The CMDN Template Situation Report

  6. Mobility Data Beyond Facebook & Data Seeking Behaviors